Lent 1

Fridays in Lent: Quote of the Day

“The word for ‘confession’ in Greek (exomologesis) suggests something more than simply accepting, acknowledging and bearing witness to an event of act. More than a matter of admitting a hitherto unacknowledged sin, to confess means to accept and submit to the divine Logos (ex-omo-logesis) who is beyond and above the nature and condition of humanity. It is this Logos, the Word of God, in whom the repentant soul seeks salvation. To repent and confess is not so much to recognize and expose a failure as it is to respond from within to the call of God in whose image and likeness every person is created….To repent and confess is to break free from the restriction of sin. In my repentance, my world ceases to rotate around ‘me’ and begins to turn toward the other, centering on God.”


~ Fr. John Chryssavgis (Archdeacon to the Patriarch of Constantinople), Soul Mending: The Art of Spiritual Direction, page 23.