Fridays in Lent: Quote of the Day

“John’s gospel is haunted by the idea of the ‘time’ or the ‘hour’ for which Jesus waits….The ‘hour’ is the time of humiliation, betrayal, and murder: as John puts it, this is the time at which the world is judged, when its fears and its lies are dragged into the open. In the betrayal and slaughter of Jesus, we are shown what it is we do to one another and ourselves in our self-justifying, self-defending terror, our refusal to penetrate to and face out inner divisions and their destructive effects….The judgment is beginning, then: the painful glory of the mercy that can only be uncovered after the ultimate darkness of the human heart has begun to break through….Only if the church makes such claims on our honesty and courage will it be a place where we can hear the word of grace and be remade and equipped for witness….Only if the church ministers to us (which means, of course, us ministering to each other) in this way can we be brought to the ‘time’ of Christ in his agony and glory, the consummation of grace that breaks into the time that is ‘always here.'”

– Rowan Williams, “God’s Time,” in A Ray of Darkness