Lord's Prayer Old English

Anglo-Saxon “Our Father” (Trans. from Old English)

Father of humankind, I ask for favor,

Holy Chieftain, you, who dwell in Heaven


May it be made holy, firmly set up—

Your name, that is, Christ, rescuer—

Firmly planted in our soul-locker.


May your kingdom, wielder of might,

Come to us people, right-wise Judge,

And your love also, in the day of life,

And in our selves in deep-dwelling brightness.


And may your will be well-wrought

Among us upon earth through earth’s realms,

As it is far away in the heaven-glory,

Blessed in joys from this world forward.


Give us today, Chieftain among your people,

Heaven high-king, our loaf

Which you send to heal the soul

Of humankind on Middle-Earth:

The clean Christ, that is, Ruler God.


Forgive us, Guardian of humankind, our guilts and sins,

And let us off the debts,

Body-wounds and human deeds, which we mindlessly

Incurred, as we forgive our debtors on earth

That they have racked up against us,

And let us give them not one thought in the Day of Judgment

As we receive the life of eternity.


And lead us not one bit into the sorrow of woe,

Nor into trials, Christ rescuer,

Lest we lose all your mildness

And be estranged from you by the Enemy-ship.

And free us now from every evil

Of every enemy, and now, in the spirit-locker,

Thanks and wonder, Captain of Angels,

True victory-chieftain, we speak with force,

As you have with your mild might

Have set us free from the heavy

Torments of Hell.




Translation: Fr. C.W. McPherson is the professor of Ascetical Theology at General Theological Seminary in NYC and an Associate Priest at the Church of the Transfiguration (“The Little Church around the Corner”) also in NYC.